IP based
Venture Capital
  • Investment Statistics


  • 308.3 (Billion)

    Total Fund Size(KRW)

  • 14 funds

    Number of Funds

  • 210.6 (Billion)

    Total Investment(KRW)

  • 148 companies

    Number of Portfolio Companies

  • 161.3 (Billion)

    Total Exit(KRW)

ESG Pursuit of ESG management

We pursue long-term profits through ESG performance, invest in companies that can bring forth social benefits, and look into the sustainability of each company.

MERIT We provide the best service for investor’s success

We assess true corporate value through detailed IP evaluation.

  • Professional VC

    - Korean’s first and largest IP investment track record.
    - We assess true corporate value through detailed IP evaluation.

  • Value-up

    - Financial support for each stage of startup’s growth, improvement of IP competitiveness through mentoring, assistance in corporate value enhancement.
    - Support for overseas expansion by utilizing global network.

  • Networking

    Possesses a network of various LPs, universities, research institutes, patent/law firms, and accelerators

  • Professionalism

    Composed of experts with diverse expertise including patent attorneys, accountants, founders, and finance professionals

LEADERSHIP Investment professionals who provide necessary solutions

IDV team provides the best solutions in innovative ways.

Eun Sup Kim
Chang Min Heo
Senior Director
Kahyoung Shin
Senior Director
Sungsoon Cho
Senior Director