• ESG
ID Ventures, Inc.
strives for sustainable growth.

Based on KCGS ESG evaluation standards, IDV has internally set 7 priority goals among the K-SDGs, which are South Korea’s detailed targets, and has revised the evaluation criteria specific to SMEs and venture companies. Such goals are being used as a standard for investment decision making and portfolio management. We seek proactive activism strategies such as internal control factors including the articles of incorporation of portfolio companies, dispatch of board of directors and mentoring by relevant experts and professionals- and manage our portfolio companies regarding their ESG related strategies.

ESG main judgment standard
  • Suitability of business fiend
  • Evaluation of environmental performance
  • Water usage/reusage amount
  • Environment-related business strategies, policies, plans
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste amount, Recycling amount
  • Possession of environmental certifications
  • Energy consumption level
  • Provision and disclosure of environment-related data
  • Implementation of in-house environmental education
  • Hazardous chemical substances emissions level
  • Percentage of fixed-term workers
  • Fair trade programs
  • Product and service safety certification
  • Ratio of female/youth employees
  • Anti-corruption programs
  • Social contribution programs
  • Education curriculum related to human rights
  • General meeting of shareholders
  • Performance of board of directors
  • Information disclosure
  • Autonomy in exercising voting rights
  • Audit committee
  • Shareholder composition
  • Disclosure of corporate governance structure
  • External auditor
  • Monitoring of CEO
  • Independence of board of directors